Oil & Gas

In today’s fast-moving oil & gas industry, companies are increasingly facing operational challenges related to communicating with remote sites, including harsh or hazardous locations, limited infrastructure and scarce local skilled resources.

In this environment, establishing high-speed communications and real-time access to data are essential to maintaining your competitive edge, allowing you to move beyond simply reacting to events and giving you the ability to:

  • Proactively optimize your planning.
  • Predict and actively prevent potential problems.
  • Make business decisions based on real-time information.

Imagine unlimited data transfer between your Alberta based locations...

  • Collaborate and share engineering drawings, construction notes and change orders between remote sites, saving time and money during construction.
  • Meet face-to-face with colleagues in geographically dispersed locations via telepresence, eliminating costly travel requirements.
  • Monitor and manage instruments and systems from your head office, enabling you to respond more quickly.

Axia OneNet Solutions™ is a suite of customizable, scaleable services which provides you with a turn-key network infrastructure, connecting all your sites via ultra high-speed Real Broadband™ and providing one call service for all your network management requirements.