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NGN Bandwidth Services

Axia offers a range of flexible commercial bandwidth services at fixed rates, with no distance charges and no volume discounts, levelling the marketplace for large and small players alike. 

Inter-region Bandwidth
The Interstate Bandwidth Service provides secure, Ethernet based point to point broadband connectivity between geographically dispersed State Gateways. This service provides high-speed connectivity without volume charges.

Regional Gateway Interconnect
The State Gateway Interconnect Service has been designed to offer Retail Service Providers (RSPs) the ability to access end users on a State-wide basis in across the region via a single physical connection.

Interconnect VPN
This service has been designed to offer RSPs a high degree of flexibility in the way they can deliver services to their end customers. Different RSP services may have different connectivity requirements and Axia can develop custom solutions to meet those requirements.

Broadband Connection Services
Axia Broadband Connection Services provide a “turn-key” solution for the design, build and on-going management of ultra high-speed Real Broadband™ corporate networks.

Community Interconnect Wholesale Bandwidth
The Community Interconnect Wholesale Bandwidth Service provides secure, Ethernet or IP based broadband connectivity between PoPs and the State Gateway. This provides high speed connectivity within the State without distance or volume charges.

Connected Premise Wholesale Bandwidth
The Connected Premise Wholesale Bandwidth Service provides secure, IP based or Ethernet based broadband connectivity between end user premises and a PoP within the State or State Gateway.