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NGN Enabling Services

Axia's suite of Enabling Services allows Retail Service Providers to deliver feature rich solutions and services to their end customers.

Enhanced Resiliency
Services such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and other network based applications are transforming the way the Network is viewed from an enabler to an “always-on” platform. In order to ensure the evolution of the RSP services and models, we offer a suite of Enhanced Resiliency services to supplement the Basic Service Availability service level of 99.9%.

The security services are offered as an in-cloud solution to help protect networks, communications and information at or between endpoints as a managed service.

Extranet VPN Service with Marking
The Gateway or Extranet VPN is a virtual “meeting place” where end-users, RSPs and other content or service providers can connect to one another in an open, secure, scalable and managed environment.

Add-On Port with Marking
The Axia Add-On Port with Marking Service provides additional ports and the option of port based classification of traffic on the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

Application Aware VPN
With the increasing variety of applications coexisting on the network, the need to understand and even control application traffic is becoming increasingly important for RSPs. The Application Aware VPN Service provides RSP’s with the ability to intelligently monitor or monitor/control VPN traffic at the application-level through the use of deep packet inspection technologies.

Managed Customer Premise Equipment
The Network Managed Network Termination Equipment Service will provide Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) located at the customer premise and configured with the appropriate management features.

Enterprise Class Customer Premise Equipment
The Enterprise Class CPE Service provides the customer with a more sophisticated CPE with higher performance and a broader set of features. The Enterprise Class CPE Service will be suitable for customers with a higher technical requirement for network visibility and reporting.

IPTV/VOD Enabling
The IPTV wholesale service is designed to alleviate the majority of the capital and operational burden from any single new or existing IPTV Service Provider by providing a single “IPTV distribution” service that can be partitioned amongst several RSPs.

Add-On VPN with Marking
The Axia Add-On VPN with Marking Service provides RSPs with the ability to add additional VPNs (including Multicast VPNs) to existing end user services.

Mobile Connect
The Mobile Connect Service provides RSPs with a country wide, scalable, “backbone” service with which to serve the retail market.

PoP Co-Location
As part of the network, Axia provides a PoP in every community as RSP interconnection points. The PoPs will be strategically located within the community for ease of interconnection and favourable proximity to retail customers.