Connecting Western Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the MBI have demonstrated their forward thinking by bringing NGN infrastructure to western Massachusetts.

Axia Selected to Operate Massachusetts Broadband Institute Network

Axia is the network operator for the Axia MassBroadband 123 fibre network and will be selling services over the network as it is deployed throughout Western Massachusetts.

Axia MassBroadband 123 will include 2,153 kms of fibre backhaul infrastructure and electronics connecting more than 120 communities. Initially, we will connect approximately 1,400 government institutions, providing backhaul connectivity to a global Gateway in Boston. We also have the ability to extend the network directly to other premises. Axia will sell fibre-based services over the network to both RSPs and government customers. The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative will own the Axia MassBroadand 123 network and is responsible for its design and construction.

As operator of the Axia MassBroadband 123 network, Axia will offer wholesale services to RSPs using its proven, open access, “do not compete with your customer” approach.  This fundamental digital economy infrastructure will spur investment by RSPs and generate economic growth in the region.