The Alberta SuperNet

The Alberta Government had a vision; to make affordable global connectivity available to all Albertans regardless of whether they lived in rural or urban areas.


Connecting Alberta Communities

Thanks to an innovative solution by Axia, the Government of Alberta has a state-of-the-art IP network that connects all the communities in the province, and provides direct connectivity to 4,700 government, learning, health, library and municipal facilities.

More importantly, the Alberta SuperNet uses an open access model which means any service provider in the province can use the SuperNet to deliver ultra-high speed services, including Internet access, to their retail and business customers, especially those who reside in rural areas.

Prior to the Alberta SuperNet, there were only a few high-speed service providers operating outside of the metropolitan centres of Calgary and Edmonton. Alberta’s rural communities only had dial-up access and any hope of IP connectivity was either very expensive or not possible.

Now most Albertans, even those in remote rural areas, have access to high-speed internet connectivity.

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