The Axia NGN Solution

Our unique business model and proven approach ensures choice of services for end users in the continually emerging independent IP service sector.

Axia has created a value proposition by strategically combining modern technology with a business approach that creates the best result for end users.

Axia’s NGN Solution is comprised of the following key elements to achieve the best result for end users:

Separate NGN Network Transport Services from Web Services

Axia’s NGN Solution separates transport services from web services. This is unlike the traditional telco approach which does not separate transport services, compromising the end users’ choice of suppliers for services. The diagram below depicts this separation. Click on the image to view a high resolution version.


The Axia NGN Solution ensures that end users benefit from being able to choose suppliers of their choice without being limited by network performance because all the services that an end user experiences (e.g. voice, video, data, traditional web) are provided by service providers specializing in those services within a sustainable free competition environment. When using an Axia NGN Solution, we estimate that approximately 75% of the end user spend is allocated to Web Services and only 25% is allocated to NGN Transport Services, which provides the end user with better overall value.

Axia Does Not Compete with its Customers

Axia does not compete with its customers. This creates an environment of sustained competition and choice of services for end users. The success of the Axia NGN Solution is based on this key principle. By eliminating this conflict of interest, Axia addresses the fundamental flaw of the traditional telco approach; that being the profit interest of the traditional telco is against the success of its wholesale customers who are also its competitors in the Web Services sector.

Axia Provides Real Broadband™ Services

Axia provides uncompromised transport services on the Next Generation Network which we refer to as Real Broadband™. Real Broadband™ services give our customers the ability to quickly and reliably exchange large amounts of audio, data and video with guaranteed connectivity levels. Unquestionably, these high-performing transport services add value to businesses of any size, individual end users and governments.

Level Playing Field Pricing

The price of Axia NGN Transport Services does not differentiate; it does not matter who the customer is, how big they are or where they are located. This approach to pricing helps bridge the digital divide, eliminating the distance and market size challenges that limit end users’ access.

The Axia NGN Solution delivers Axia NGN Transport Services to residents of rural, regional and metropolitan communities on a level playing field and is comprised of two fundamental components:

      • The Community Interconnect Grid (CIG): This is a fibre grid throughout a jurisdiction that interconnects all communities to at least one global gateway for access to web services.
      • Local access connectivity: Our solution provides for the optimal evolution of both wireless and Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) local access technologies within CIG communities.

Flexible and Adaptable for Implementation in any Jurisdiction

The Axia NGN Solution is flexible in terms of partnering with governments and addressing the regulatory environment. Combined with the other elements, the Axia NGN Solution can be implemented in any progressive jurisdiction.