Connecting Catalonia

Axia and Imagina Media Audiovisual have formed Xarxa Oberta to provide Next Generation Network services to the Catalan regional government and Retail Service Providers in Catalonia.

Xarxa Oberta connecting Generalitat sites, selling wholesale services

Axia and its Spanish partner, Imagina Media Audiovisual (Imagina), have a 20 year services agreement with the Catalan regional government, the Generalitat of Catalonia (the Generalitat), to provide Next Generation Network (NGN) services to the Generalitat and to Retail Service Providers (RSPs) in Catalonia.

Xarxa Oberta, a Spanish company jointly controlled by Axia and Imagina, is connecting 1,040 Generalitat sites in the fields of health, education, justice and safety in 105 municipalities of Catalonia. Xarxa Oberta is also actively selling wholesale services to the markets where its network is being deployed.

Xarxa Oberta is focused on activating services on the Generalitat’s existing fibre infrastructure which reaches 20% of the Generalitat’s 1,040 sites, and on increasing market awareness and early market adoption. In this process, Xarxa Oberta integrated the entire existing infrastructure composed of fibre, an IP and transmission core network and 70 customer sites. A complete information system, oriented toward open access networks, has been implemented and customized to meet local requirements. In addition, a local team is in place to operate and maintain the network which will serve as a strong operational base to support future business development.