Modern municipalities are looking for cost-effective ways to collaborate and communicate, both internally and with other municipalities.

A significant outcome of Axia’s approach within municipalities is the emergence of community networking initiatives. When a Point of Presence (PoP) is located within a community, many communities can and do choose to create their own community networking initiatives. Axia’s NBN approach enables communities to add broadband services to their other infrastructure services (water, sewer, roads, etc.) by providing the same LASP services to the municipality.

Leveraging the availability of a low-cost broadband backbone, these community networks can ensure that comprehensive coverage is met from a Government policy perspective. Community networking, as with networking in general, is no longer the exclusive domain of monopoly service providers.

As an example, we believe there are opportunities to create centres, both physical and virtual, which would enable individuals, enterprises and organisations to explore and appreciate the benefits the network will bring. The objectives of such centres would be:

  • To service the communities and networks that currently exist and to stimulate new business development.
  • To create a forum for new technologies, applications and services to contribute to economic development.
  • To explore the possibilities of different network technologies
  • To provide think-tank opportunities for Education, Health, Local Government, Enterprise Agencies, Businesses and Communities of Interest.
  • To demonstrate eService applications, which will involve, excite and motivate stakeholders at the onset of the service.

Taking advantage of the popular and emerging wireless protocols, these community programmes can bring reliable, low-cost wireless networks to the consumer. As a non-competing transport service provider, Axia supports any programme that promotes the use of broadband networking.