Today's consumers are demanding more bandwidth at competitive rates in order to stay connected with their world.

In a world where there is a growing dependence on connectivity for both work and play, limited access and non-competitive prices can drive consumers from small rural communities in search of opportunities in larger cities. Since Axia's model encourages the development of a thriving Retail Service Provider market, consumers reap the resulting benefits of competitive pricing and diversity in service offerings.

Consumers in rural areas also benefit indirectly from connectivity competitively offered to public services in their community. For example, if a remote community has access to a public health facility giving doctors access to specialists and consultants, community members no longer have to travel several hours to the nearest city to receive superior healthcare.

For residential customers, Axia's Next Generation Network Solution results in:

  • Competitive marketplace means competitive pricing to end users
  • Choice of provider and services to best suit individual needs
  • Access to innovative technology requiring high broadband availability (such as voice, video, music technology)
  • Integration of home and office capabilities for mobile workers
  • Motivation for public sector services to be made available in rural areas