Service Providers

Axia's solution sets the stage for competition and growth in the provision of local access to connected communities.

Axia is motivated to encourage competition amongst local access, retail, application and web service providers and to assist them in being successful. These parties are Axia’s customers, not our competitors. Established carriers and new specialty service providers alike have the same access to the network infrastructure – the same rate structure, same terms, same committed service levels. Carriers are each equal beneficiaries of the low rate structure Axia applies and have the opportunity to compete in the marketplace on a level playing field.

Axia's solution creates the right conditions for a vibrant Retail Service Provider sector, namely:

  • Axia provides only wholesale bandwidth services, and does not compete with Retail Service Providers in the local access market
  • No volume discounts or preferences of any kind are offered to anyone, meaning rural Service Providers pay the same rates as those in urban communities
  • Low monthly bandwidth rates combined with the ability to purchase bandwidth in small increments
  • Additional empowering services and economy of scale services that enable various customer types to purchase exactly what they need

This approach enables small and medium sized Retail Service Providers to be created and to play a new, critical role, even in small markets, without having to aggregate many customers in multiple communities.